Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Grade Level Access and Registration

Practical Examinations Coming Up!

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Dear Students,

Your Practical Examinations are coming up, please be prepared for it, and do revision at home specially with PRACTICAL SKILLs. Make sure that you can do it, and understand the instructions very well. Please check the examination dates for you to know.


Grade 10
Assessment Overview

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Grade 09
Assessment Overview

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You will also be using at this time the school laptops to familiarize yourselves with the operating system and pieces of softwares that you will be using before the practical examination. Make sure that do initiative in reviewing, remembering. and once again familiarizing yourself, you have studied most of these pieces of softwares on prior your current grade level. The examination setup will be as follows:

The students must use school computers and must have at a minimum:
  1. Office - Access, Excel, and Word 
  2. GIMP 
  3. Web Expression 4 
  4. No access to the Internet
  5. Access to a printer


Thank you.

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