"At VAS, we understand that nothing is more important to children than the opportunity to receive the best educational foundation, helping them succeed in the future. We are proud of VAS as a place to bring students the best educational opportunities. We apply the most up-to-date teaching methods to equip students with a strong cultural background and academic knowledge, along with practical life skills and life values, We also aim to create a comfortable, healthy and safe school environment where every student has a pleasant experience and an opportunity to show kindness. , love and respect, where children are actively encouraged to maximize their natural potential.VAS's Core Values ​​Program will support the above goal and is clearly articulated. in this document.

We also want each student to achieve good academic results and grow intellectually and socially. We believe that today's young talents will reap brilliant success in the future when they are equipped with a good education from an early age. We hope that your time studying at VAS will be the most beautiful and memorable time of the year