Nguyễn Phúc Minh Khôi also known as THE TEACHER

A friendly guy, know nothing about game, a real student.

Big, Chunky, Cute guy, suitable for hugging.

He likes travelling, watching documentary, learn, learn, learn,etc.

Nguyễn Ngọc Hiếu used to be the CLASS LEADER.

He is friendly, a real student and a real gamer

A handsome man and a beautiful women.

His favorite quote:"I'm better than you".

Lê Minh Bảo also known as THE CLOWN

A funny man, very good at English, but likes to act dumb.

He is thin, tall, therefore he is good at basketball :D

He likes to play videogames in ICT class :)))))

Trịnh Thiên Trúc also known as THE EDITOR

An artist likes to draw handsome man.

She likes drawing, sleeping and suffering from school works.

The thing that she loves about school is teachers whose passionate teaching students.

Gretzel Ann also known as THE DANCER

A true dancer, always record for her tiktok

She comes from Phillipines

SHe likes hanging out, watching films, playing offline game.

Lưu Bình Vân also known as THE HITTER

NOT a friendly person, a bit of a gamer, she helps other students.

Big, Chubby, Cute girl, but very violent.

She likes hanging out, but can't. She currently study at America.

Trần Trí Nhân also known as THE GAMER

A gamer, spent 8 hours a day to play game. Future career: professional gamer.

He is a bad boi, although spend a lot of time playing games but still have a good score.

He likes travelling, watching TV, game, game, game,etc.

Nguyễn Đức Uy Liêm also known as THE BALL MAN

Always play football, football and football.

He is friendly and funny, to be "honest".

He can speak 3 different languages which everyone else can :DD

Lê Anh Khoa also known as COW

A friendly guy, not very interesting, overall-ok.

Not very good at sport, medium in learning, overall-normal person.

He likes superhero, kinda childist, overall-ok.

Nguyễn Quốc Gia Phúc also known as Sandy

A friendly guy, know nothing about game, a real student.

Big, Chunky, Cute guy, running around.

If you see someone sleeping in class, it’s probably him. If you see someone jumping around in class it’s probably also him

Trương Ái Trân also known as THE GAMER

Friendly girl, has a decent knowledge about game, a real student, also an anime artist.

She like playing genshin, drawing anime character, watching anime

She likes travelling, hanging out. She hates deadlines, exercise,etc.

Đỗ Lê Minh Anh also known as LAZY GIRL

Someone who is currently addicted to Dreamcatcher.

occasionally draw some sort of edgy anime character.

She is a gaemer. Frequently played games: Genshin Impact, Warframe.

Dương Bảo Tùng also known as IDK

A friendly guy, play genshin impact and glasses??.

Big boi, very, and always stay quiet :D

He likes playing videogames, swimming and sleep.

Phạm Thanh Như also known as ANNA

A friendly girl, she's a film addicted.

Recently she watched True Beauty, which is a Korea movie, it had been transfer from a story into a movie

She really love it. She suggest you to watch it sometime:))

Võ Đình Khả Hân also known as THE CARTOON ARTIST

A friendly gỉrl, doesn't talk to much.

She is very good at drawing and kinda popular on instagram and twitter.

She is cute and everyone likes her.

Phùng Ngọc Khuê also known as VIVIAN

She like drawing anime, eating snacks also listening to music and swimming.

Genshin impact is her favorite game and she loves Hutao the most.

SHe likes travelling, watching documentary, learn, learn, learn,etc.

Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Nhung also known as NHUNG NGUYỄN XD

She was our teacher last year and she did a great job at it, she is wonderfull.

We have fun playing werewolf and boardgame with her. She understands student well and help us dealing with our problems.

She is beautifull, we all like her and her son :D. Wish you happy in life

Ngô Vũ Thiên Quang also known as THIÊN QUANG XD

He is our teacher this year, he looks after us and I reallly appreciate it.

He is true gamer so he knows what we're thinking about, therefore can easily help us.

He is a handsome man, we all like him. Wish you happy in life