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Grade Level Access and Registration

Classroom Rules and Infraction Limits

be nice

Classroom Rules

  1. Come to class with clean hands. Maintain a neat deportment and workplace.
  2. Bring your laptop / tablet in the class. Refer to the BYOD policy.
  3. You are required to behave in the class and ready to learn.
  4. Do your best in completing the digital booklet on or ahead of time.
  5. Review, review, review study materials: IGCSE Book, posted articles or videos, etc.
  6. Ace assessments and examinations all the time.
  7. Follow the student handbook all the time.

Infraction Limits

  1. Disruptive behavior in the classroom is not allowed.
  2. No truancy or undone class activities / homeworks.
  3. No eating of snacks in the class.
  4. No playing of computer games or listening to music during class time.
  5. No sleeping during class time.
  6. No bullying.

If you make an infraction, you will be given:


  • 1st:   A REMINDER S card (Shape Up) will be placed on top of your table.
  • 2nd:  A REMINDER  W card (Warning) will be placed on top of your table.
  • 3rd:  You will be asked to write down an explanation on your misbehavior, and will attached another writing of no. of words on not doing it again.
  • 4th:   A Written Report will be encoded in the ENGAGE System on your misbehavior to inform your homeroom teacher and parent/guardian.





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